"This Pie's Crap" - Barry

Once upon a Bad Pie

It was late on a cold winter's day, the year 1990. Barry had been working hard and travelled some distance, when he realised he needed some good old fashioned nourishment. He stopped at the next Service Station and grabbed one of their pies. He wasn't far along the road when he decided to try the pie, only to discover it really didn't taste good at all. In fact the taste was so bad, Barry couldn't even eat it. Not normally being one to complain, Barry felt the need to turn the car around and head back to where he bought this sad excuse for sustenance. "It is the best we have, see if you can do better" retorted the less than obliging service attendant. So do it better he did, some time later calling a friend to see if he could help show him how to make the worlds yummiest Pie. BJS...was born. Now a Father and Son operation and serving the freshest, sensational pastry treats anywhere near this part of the world, that's for certain!

Sit down, we'll take care of the rest

Welcome to BJ's, home of the famous BJS pie.
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